Katharina Zaychenko

University of Kassel 
Department of Humanities
Institute of English and American Studies 
Kurt-Wolters-Straße 5 
34125 Kassel
[email protected]

Research interests

Cognitive linguistics 

I’m interested in examining the nature of the linguistic and conceptual representations underlying the encoding of motion events. Motion event encoding has been shown to be shaped by different factors such as the absence or presence of grammatical aspect across languages insofar that speakers of aspect languages prioritize the process of an event, whereas speakers of non-aspect languages tend to focus on endpoints. My research centers around different grammatical and cognitive factors that influence motion event construal. 


Applied linguistics  

My research also aims at deriving implications for foreign language teaching and learning. The project aims at investigating to which extent the grammatical competence of English as a foreign language influences motion event construal in the learners’ minds.